Your wedding day is your chance to have everything
you've always envisioned.

We know this to be particularly true for all of our brides! It is the one day you get to bring to life the very thing that you have dreamed of.

When the day comes, the excitement and anticipation of everyone admiring you walking down the aisle will evoke emotions that will leave a lasting impression on all of those who are able to witness it.

Bridal makeup is the ROOT of Hellooo Gorgeous. As a company, we began doing bridal makeup exclusively. It is and will continue to be a top priority that our brides remain our V.I.P clients. There is nothing like knowing that we played a (small) part in fulfilling your dreams as a bride.

We believe that all brides are not the same. In fact, we do not want all brides to be the same. The Hellooo Gorgeous bridal experience is unlike any other and we know this because our clients tell us so! We are invested in giving our brides a royal treatment that is more than showing up and doing makeup!

Wedding Makeup Process