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What You Need In Order To Apply:

  • A Positive, Friendly, Attitude
  • A "We" mentality
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Willingness to step in and get the job done
  • Unparalleled Customer Service and Professionalism
  • Passion For Beauty
  • Standout, Consistent Artistry
If you feel confident that you have everything you need to apply, start your application below!

Employment Application

  • Please type "n/a" if you do not have an instagram page.
  • Please type "n/a" if you do not have a website.
    How long have you worked in the beauty industry?
    Select all that apply.
  • Please upload 3 examples of your work

    Examples should showcase your best work. Photography does not have to be professional. If you would like to add a video to your application, please e-mail us at
  • This applies to locations within 30 miles of Washington DC
    Please keep in mind: Destination appointments may include traveling nationally by car, plane, bus, or train. International appointments may require travel by plane or boat. Passport generally required.
  • You may also add anything that you would like for us to know about yourself to this section.
  • If you were referred, please list the name of the person that referred you.
  • If you have a professional resume that you would like to include with your application, please upload it here. *Not required